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July ** 12 ** 2009

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A lot has been said already about whether mono is safe, if it is from Microsoft, if it is a good language, if it is… well, all has been said I think. Personally I have no real objections against mono, but that it gives me another 100MB of download and that I have the feeling that it slows down my computer, especially on my eeepc. One more reason to not want a flame war… read this.

For Debian/Ubuntu based distros there is a special package (.deb) that conflicts with mono. This helps for users to be notified and/or prevent when mono will be installed. This does not exist for Arch (at least I did not find it). Also see the last part of this post!

As I think it is a nice double check, I created that package myself.  The package is called nomono and If you want to download it you can find it –REMOVED–. You can install the package with:

pacman -U ./nomono-1.0-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz

Of course, this package is just a small helper tool. You should always read carfully through all the packages that you are about to install. This little package is just a help.

If you want to remove the package you can type:

pacman -R nomono

Just for your information: the package installs a small (5 line C program) called “mono” to remind you of the name of the package in case you want to remove it. Thus:

[me@myhost ~]$ mono
> Mono installation is blocked by the nomono package.

Hope it helps


For Debian and Ubuntu based linux distros there is the mononono package. You can find it here. To be honest; the idea for creating this Arch package was borrowed from his (Tim Chase) package.


Anonymous (not verified)

. July 15th, 2009

I Mono is a product of Microsoft. Microsoft also helping Novell with this project Microsoft has separated view in the open-source world for many years with it’s collaboration with open source. Although the company has seemingly warmed up to open source in the past two years, its sustained copyright has hung over projects like Linux.   (I removed a spam link from this post)


. July 21st, 2009

As I have mentioned in the text as well… I would like to avoid any flame war / FUD spreading / etc. to occur via this website. Everybody has the choice to use whatever he/she wants if it is open-source software (especially).   This tutorial (and download) is for those that wish to (more or less) block mono from being installed by accident. No more… no less !!!   I hope that all my readers respect this and will indeed not start a small war on my website.   gr. P

Anonymous (not verified)

. January 22nd, 2011

The link to the package is broken. Please can you update it.  


. April 2nd, 2011

I have removed the package. I think that f we just read what we install, we can avoid installing mono as well!