My .gitignore file

For future reference. This is the place I will post / update my .gitignore file. At this moment the file is used in project containing: - Latex - C++ with Qt   My GIT code is in Great service! Then… the code:

In repository we don’t need to have:

# Compiled object files *.o *.out

Generated MOC, resource and UI files

moc_.cpp qrc_.cpp ui_.h Makefile

Qt User Project files


Debug and Release directories (created under Windows, not Linux)

# and the shadow build directories Debug/ Release/ build-desktop-Qt

.log files (usually created by QtTest - thanks to VestniK)


Built windows .exe and linux binaries

# NOTE: PROJECT is a your project’s name, analog of PROJECT.exe in Linux *.exe *.dll PROJECT

Windows-specific files

Thumbs.db desktop.ini # Mac-specific things (thanks to Michael Aaron Safyan) .DS_Store

Editors temporary files