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I am an AI specialist with a focus on Data Science and Automated Reasoning. After my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and my master's degree in Artificial Intelligence I started my career at TNO, where I work on requests from partners and customers in the field of Data Science and Automated Reasoning.

I care about knowledge and experience. I love to read (scientific) articles, blogs, magazines, and books and watch documentaries and movies. Technology related material is over-represented in my lists, as I love to read about future technologies and sci-fi, information about computer sciences (specifically artificial intelligence, programming, operating systems, security), and privacy related issues. Other interesting books I have been reading lately are about physics, and the development of a human brain.

Where reading, documentaries, and movies help to feed my hunger for knowledge, work, travelling, and hobbies feed my hunger for experiences. I work at a research institute (see experience), and judo in my free time, and travel whenever possible (as you can see here).


Below you will find a summary of my professional experience. For more information and details visit my linked-in .


Research Scientist

TNO As researcher at the department Distributed Sensor Systems I conduct research into building novel applications in the field of sensor and information fusion. My focus is on automated reasoning based on video data, and automated situation assessment in the maritime domain. My approach usually combines machine learning algorithms with rule-based systems.

Research Scientist

PROFACTOR As a research scientist during a 2 month internship, I designed and implemented an image recognition application to automatically identify surface faults on drills. The result was an application that determines if a surface contains faults and if these faults are within the provided requirements.



NHS As intern at the RJAH Orthopeadic Hospital my assignment was to design and implement a mobile measurement device to measure knee laxity. The knee laxity can be used to get an estimate of the damage to a knee. I was responsible for the design and implementation of the embedded software: reading the sensordata, calculate the knee laxity based on the sensor information, and present the output to the user.

Trainer and Board Member

AEGEE-Europe The aim of the AEGEE-Academy is to develop and strengthen the human resources of AEGEE and to stimulate the motivation of its members. The Academy supports the personal development of AEGEE members by providing a diversity of training courses and co-ordinating a mentorship system. It maintains an overview of the personage and tasks in the organisation and empowers its members to find their place in the organisation. The Academy is an AEGEE-Working Group.
I was board member for 1 year in the positions of of Public Relations and Human Resources manager, trainer at internalional training events on local and European level, and manager for "Training for Democracy" in Budapest (Hungary) and "European School 1" in Riga (Latvia).

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Maastricht University The A.I. study emphasizes the following research topics: machine learning, multi-agent systems, formal techniques for knowledge representation, A.I. in games, and information retrieval techniques for identifying useful information in large unstructured datasets.
Graduated in 2009.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

Fontys University of Applied Sciences The graduation track Computer Science of the study Electrical and Electronic Engineering focuses on embedded systems. The main topics includes hardware design and construction as well as software design and implementation. Important subjects are: programming and programming-techniques, computer networks, analog electronics, digital systems, operating systems, and digital signal processing.
Graduated in 2004.


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